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Don't touch that dial! You have reached the new FARM Net Website. FARM Net stands for "Friendly Amateur Radio Mission".

The FARM Net meets daily on 3937 kc at 0200
UTC. The net is part of the ARRL national traffic
system and all amateurs are welcome to join. A station may get on the roll by checking in at least 5 times in a 30 day period and to remain on the roll, a station must check in at least 5 times in a calendar month.

The FARM Net is over 70 years old and currently has nearly 200 members. Many of our members have been checking into the Net for more than forty years.

We welcome all amateurs with a General Class or higher license to check in and encourage them to join the net.

We are here to serve our community in any capacity we can. On a daily basis we do our best to carry the original message and live up the name of the "Friendly Amateure Radio Mission Net". Keep checking back as the web site develops! 73!
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Order of Business
Meet the NCS and Alternate Team
Net Manager: KE7KQE, Martin
NCS Sunday: N7KFL, Andy
NCS Monday: AC6S, Jeff
NCS Tuesday: WB7VHO, Don
NCS Wednesday: NB7C, Carl
NCS Thursday: N7ZDR, Larry
NCS Friday: N7WH, Bill
Alternate: W7KAU, Dick
Alternate: K6ONE, Ford
Alternate: N7SBM, Clyde
Alternate: KF7MZV, Bruce
NCS Saturday, NZ7J, Cat
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How Many People Visit
Alternate: N7EZQ, Dave
Alternate: WA7BMJ, Brad
Alternate: KB7QWW, Doug
Alternate: K6RBN, Bill
ARRL- Radiogram Mini Manual