FARM Net By-Laws

Download By-Laws and Revision History PDF Here

1.    A station must check in 5 times in a month to get on the roll.

2.    A station must check in 5 times in a calendar month to be a member in good standing on the net.

3.    Net members with a legitimate excuse (rig down, moving, extended vacation, etc.) will be excused from the net for 1 month when that station makes the request. It will be given the following month to redeem itself on the net roster. A correspondence to the net manager will help to extend the period.

a.   Net members with illness will be carried on the roll call until he or she resume normal operations.

4.    A station will be removed from the roll if they neglect to check in 5 times in a month. If they request to be placed back on the roll, they will start back on the bottom of the roll call list.

5.    Roll call will be by seniority.

6.    Any station in good standing will be eligible to vote for a net manager. All voting must be done during net time. No phone calls, no voting by mail.

7.    No nominee for net manager will be allowed to be a vote recorder. Two neutral stations will record the vote for net manager on a regular roll call sheet. Each vote will be recorded as to the date, the station voting, and for whom they voted.

8.   Net manager can appoint an assistant if he/she so desires.

9.    Qualifications for net control station: have a desire to be a net control, and be dependable.

10.   The net control station is running the show for that evening. The net preamble should be followed by both the NCS and net members for a smoother running and organized net.

a.    If a NCS or alternate is late to call the net by 3 minutes, another NCS or alternate will pick up the net and continue the net, even if the assigned NCS checks in.

11.  Any net member may have a roll call sheet and preamble sheet for the cost of printing   and postage.

12.  A candidate for net manager must be a current member in good standing on the FARM net, and must have been a member for at least one (1) year.

13.  The net manager will conduct the elections for the new net manager for the succeeding year as follows:

a.   Nominations to be held October 1 through the 7th and all nominations must have a second to be valid.

b.    Elections will be held from October 8th through October 14th

c.    The person receiving the highest number of votes will win the election

d.    The new net manager will take office on January 1.

e.    If there is only one nominee for Net Manager at the end of the nominating period, said nominee will become the new Net Manager by acclamation, which will waive the requirement for member voting for Net Manager during the voting period that immediately follows the nominating period.

14.  A net manager may not hold office for more than two consecutive years.  Then he/she must stand aside for one (1) year before being nominated again.

15.  There are no dues for the farm net, but any financial help to the net manager would be appreciated for printing, copying, and mailing the roll call sheets and for maintaining the website.

16.  Amendments to these by-laws can be added to, or revised, with a simple majority approval of the net members during the October elections. Any changes, additions, or deletions of the by-laws will be read to the membership at least three times before voting.

17.  Any alternate NCS who wishes to stay on the alternate list must call the net at least once in a calendar year unless a need for an alternate has not arisen during a calendar year.  Removal of an alternate will be at the discretion of the net manager.