The "who" and "when" the FARM Net began.

The FARM Net was started by W7DTB and W7FST in the summer of 1945.  There were three other original members, but the records of those members have since been lost and forgotten.  If anyone knows who they were, let us know so we can update the archives.
As the story goes, according to founding member W7DTB, he was living in Lewiston Utah on a farm at the time.  W7FST lived in Sandy Utah at the time.  They originally launched the FARM Net as the "IMN",  which stood for Intermountain Net.  Apparently, none of the founding members were very pleased with the name.
One evening, W7DTB was discussing his displeasure of the name with his wife when "right out the blue" she told him "why don't you call if the Farm Net?"  Chet, WTDTB liked the idea and soon came up with the "Friendly Amateur Radio Mission Net". 
The FARM Net has been going strong for over 70 years now.  Some of our members have been checking into the FARM Net regularly for over fifty years.  Now that is dedication!  We all owe a great deal of gratitude to our "top of the page" members for doing such a fine job and their dedication to the FARM Net and keeping it going for all of us.
If anyone out there has anymore history behind the FARM Net, please contact the Net Manager with the information so we can update our records and the site.
Special thanks to Joe, K7CBA who  had the foresight  to contact Chet, W7DTB in 1995 inquiring about the history of the net.  W7DTB responded to K7CBA with a very nice hand written letter Find the original letter here.
A 1995 letter to all NCS from then Net Manager W7RKI; Father Peterson. Special thanks to Dave, N7EZQ the letter.
A nice write up in the Idaho Statesman from 1993. Special thanks to Dave, N7EZQ for providing this article.
A FARM Net roster form 2007. Special thanks to Clyde, N7SBM for providing this roster.