Net Manger's Corner:

To all Farm Net Members:

I want it to be clear to All members that have have been removed from the roster, please know that I use QRZ to find members emails if I do not have a phone or email from you to so as to inform you. The the typical response I get is a returned email. This takes a ton of time to do. If you have been removed, or know of any of members that have been removed please let them know to contact the net manager. Also direct them to the web page for the by-laws.

A key point that I would like to get accross.....I cant contact you to ask why you don't have your five checkins if I do not have an email or phone number. Anyone that provides me with this information know that it will be held in the strictest of confidentiality and will not be shared. It is to contact members only in the most dire circumstances, such as being removed from the roster.

Thank you. Martin, KE7KQE 10-6-16